Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Carcassonne: overrun by Zombies

2013 has been busy.  I am still plugging away at my first novel; Seven Crows.  I am on March Break at the moment and plan to post an excerpt from the chapter I am working on, near the end of the week when I -hopefully- have more written.

In the meantime I have been playing around with some alternative rules for the amazing tile game Carcassonne.  My wife and I have both become addicted to the tile game Carcassonne and have collected many of it’s many expansions.  I came across a website called MeepleSource.com and bought a set of their Zombie Meeples.  And so the Zombie Apocalypse has come to Carcassonne!

The playtests went well.  It is frightening to see a hoard of Zombies slowly moving ever closer to your Followers as you desperately try to finish whatever it is your currently building, in order to get your points before the Zombies infect and spread!

You can download the PDF HERE.

Head over to Meeple Source for some Zombie Meeples and if you do buy some, make sure to mention Apocrypha Studios.  I am going to send them the PDF as well, so they can add it to their site, and maybe they will send me some Vampire, Werewolf, and Monster Meeples so I can create a Monster Mash Carcassonne.  I am also playing around with a version of the Zombie Carcassonne where one player IS the Zombies and steals points from the other players when he eats their followers.