Sunday, November 21, 2010

Engel: Infernal Horizon

Engel: Infernal Horizon is up and running at RPOL, we are requesting players!
Come enjoy one of the best RPG settings ever produced, and help us work out the kinks in a new incarnation of the Providence System.

In our far future, Earth has become the gigantic battlefield for the forces of good and evil.  Vast Infernos scar the face of the planet with a dark mark, and the champions of the One Above wage a seemingly hopeless war against the unwholesome creatures of the Lord of the Flies - the Dreamseed.  Follow us.  Play your part in this saga.  Lead epic battles that rage across devastated Europe... and become Engel.

We are the Engel of the Lord.
We are messengers of the Light.
We listen, and we obey.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Providence System Streamline

The Questionable Crew here at Apocrypha Studios are working on streamlining the Providence System.  We thought the perfect setting to playtest this new version of the Providence System would be one of our fav RPGs, Engel!

Check out the new system as we redesign it.
Maybe join us for a game of PBP Engel gaming.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Headed to Hal-Con

Apocrypha Studios is headed to HAL-CON at the end of this month.
Looking forward to meeting Aaron Douglas / Chief Tyrol from BSG!

Doesn't look like Apocrypha Studios is going to represent at the CON, but I might be running a game or two on Saturday the 30th!

- Rapscallion