Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Sign Up

So we have gotten into Eclipse Phase, running games and playing at RPOL.
We have also gotten into writing some fiction and planning out storylines set in the EP universe.

Just recently a group of fans released the first issue of an Eclipse Phase fanzine, The Eye at:

Hunt & Killam had a short story get pushed through some deadlines in order to have The Sign Up published in the first issue!

You can download the first issue of The Eye for free here: The_Eye_Fanzine_Issue001.pdf

Friday, January 14, 2011

Apocrypha Studios gets into Eclipse Phase

Its not often that an RPG catches our attention here at Apocrypha Studios.
Eclipse Phase has done just that, amazing setting with endless scenario possibilities and great storytelling potential.

They have an interesting business model, releasing all their work under a creative commons license, which means its legal to copy, share, and remix their work so long as Posthuman Studios is attributed, and it is not for commercial purposes.

And it worked!  I nabbed the full PDF for free online, legally.
Looked it over, LOVED IT, and immediately ordered a print copy.
AND looking forward to getting my hands on their two new releases.

So... we got involved with a large online gaming community at RPOL.
Started playing, joined the GM team, and now running storylines and writing short fiction in the Eclipse Phase universe.


And check out Eclipse Phase at: