Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Eden Falls & HAL-CON

Almost a decade ago I had a vision for a setting while studying theology at STFX.  The setting had a name that came to me, Eden Falls, and it has been stewing and rooting and festering away in my mind ever since.  I created Apocrypha Studios and the Providence System with Eden Falls as the goal.

It is time to begin...

Apocrypha Studios has begun writing up the system references for Eden Falls.  We plan to run a playtest of the system and setting on RPOL immediately [].  We will also be attending HAL-CON in November to run an official playtest of the system and setting (players will get credit in the final RPG corebook).

Eden Falls
 a game of Choice and Ignorance,
 Consequence and Horror,
 Revelation and Judgement.

With but the first step did stumble and taste,
Offering innocence to the sweet forbidden,
To gain eyes forced wide and scoured by the All,
Pained by what could no longer be seen.

And with bitter wept eyes did I see.

Angels wielding weapons of savage desperation,
Shadows of abject hunger slithering through cracks,
Hands raised in need of a once more blind eye,
Above and below a burnt black firmament,
Across ash fields of a paradise nowhere.

Removed from His sight,
Without Grace of the Word,
All fight over but a shattered sphere.

In this garden of ruin and despair,
All are forsaken!
-- the Hartshorn Apocryphon